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Life Enhancement Center

Welcome to the Life Enhancement Center®, where good intentions are launched into action. Have a wellness concern or personal goal? Powerful and immersive, our holistic retreats give you the tools to get in gear, move ahead and amaze yourself.


In an exclusive setting at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, you can focus on what matters most, guided by top professionals who feel like friends. The synergy of expertise, hands-on learning and group dynamics helps you conquer old roadblocks – so that transformation can begin.


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Your Life – Enhanced

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LEC 101

Learn about the Life Enhancement Center – and its life-changing programs – at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

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How the LEC connects mental, spiritual, emotional and physical, and leads to balance.

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Losing weight, coming off medications and gaining a fresh start for the decades ahead.


You already know what to do to stay healthy – now let’s make it happen. The integrative Life Enhancement team specializes in motivation, strategies and support to help you turn intentions into reality and forge ahead with confidence. Become your own action figure!


Achieve: Reach Your Healthy Weight

Unlike at other medical weight loss retreats, you won’t find dreary menus or a one-size-fits-all diet here. Holistic experts in nutrition, exercise physiology, life management and lifestyle medicine help you create an effective, long-term plan, based in science and tailored for you.


New You: Your Way Forward

It is time to take back control of your life and what is important to you. Join Canyon Ranch experts as we discuss how events can affect our mental and emotional states. We will provide education on topics that will assist you in combatting depression, fatigue, weight gain and anger. Join us for this immersive retreat that will help you find your path forward.


Connecting: Relationships That Work

What’s missing from the relationship you have with yourself and others? If you’re like most of us, you spend a large amount of time thinking about how to make your relationships deeper, more passionate, fun, and adventurous. With the help of Rachel Greenwald and Canyon Ranch experts, you’ll develop skills that will help enrich the connection you have with yourself and others.


Encore: Thriving in the Second Half of Life

You’ve learned, done and achieved so much in life. What now? Take time to reflect on what you truly want as you move into the next, uncharted stage of life. Uncover a wealth of possibilities so you can look ahead with optimism and confidence. This in-depth, group experience is led by CEO, popular author and university lecturer Doug Smith, MBA, who has helped countless people understand their past and seize the opportunities that come with age and senior experience.


Journey: A Woman's Retreat

There’s a special understanding among women. About our bodies, life transitions, relationships, aging, purpose and so much more. This retreat brings together women like you and women who specialize in medicine, nutrition, spirituality, lifestyle and fitness. It’s a chance to talk, to learn, to swap stories and support one another.


Jump-Start: Four Days to Dynamic Change

You know you’re ready for change – but your busy life makes it hard to get away and get focused. We understand. That’s why we created a concentrated version of our week-long ELEVATE: Launch Your Best Life program just for you. Now you can experience powerful, hands-on learning in just four transformative days at this life-changing retreat.


Leadership: Natural Skills for Everyday Life

Increase your understanding of what it means to be a leader at home, at work, in the community, and in the world. How does leadership allow you to be more yourself? How might you drop the fear that can come with leadership? Gain better understanding of the leader within, and lean into a resonant vision for the future.


Presence: Mindfulness in the Modern World

In our high-tech, nonstop world, people often express the healthy urge to unplug, refocus, and reduce stress. Studies support what spiritual and wellness experts have observed: Mindfulness can have significant impact on well-being. Learn how to cultivate this practice for everyday rewards and awakening.


Restore: Embracing Life After Loss

Anyone who is lucky enough to love is also likely to know the pain of loss. It’s a natural part of life, and many people need support and guidance to get through it. Director of Spiritual Wellness Stephanie Ludwig, PhD, MA, MDIV, and diverse Ranch professionals lead this immersive, therapeutic retreat that can help you feel your grief within a safe community in a nurturing environment.


Thrive: Keep Moving & Celebrate Aging

You want to stay active but your knee aches. Or you haven’t changed your fitness routine in years. Now’s the time to fine tune your approach to aging, reboot an exercise plan and incorporate movement into everyday life. Our experts are masters at motivation and practical strategies for lasting change.


TRANSITIONS: Navigating Life's Twists & Turns

Suddenly you're single. Or retired. Maybe your nest is empty. You've switched careers or reached a life milestone. Nobody's life stands still, so are you ready to meet change with confidence? Director of Spiritual Wellness Stephanie Ludwig, PhD, MA, MDIV, and other Ranch professionals lead an immersive self-healing retreat that explores the nature of life's transitions, putting them into perspective and helping you take charge.


Vitality: Boost your Brain Power

Keep your mind and memory vibrant through every stage of life. Diverse specialists share information and integrative strategies for optimal brain health and performance. Explore health habits that affect memory, the impact of nutrition, effective relaxation techniques and more.


Life Enhancement in Lenox

Turn off the daily chaos and reconnect with what matters most – you. Ranch professionals lead the way with Unplugged: The Power of Being Present, a multi-day immersion experience based on Tucson Life Enhancement Center® programs. Through a rich curriculum, you’ll learn how to: cultivate meditation and mindfulness; discover the power of breath; explore healing through sound; and reconnect with nature.

Unplugged is both complementary and invaluable. Call to enhance your life: 844-772-8435

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